Support SJOG By Using eScrip

Quick review of the program and the signup:

All you need is an internet connection and at least one of the following:

eScrip is a charitable giving program connecting local merchants to schools, churches and other nonprofits in their communities, and now embracing online merchants as well. You don't need to buy a gift card, keep track of points or send updates; all you do is register on their VeriSign certified secure site with one of the above cards and they do everything else. Click here to see their policy on privacy and security.

Step 1: Go to -- if it says, "Welcome, [Your Name]!" then you've already registered at some point in the past and you just need to add SJOG to your list of groups you support. If it just says, "Welcome!" click on the link to new member enrollment.

Step 2: You'll be taken to the Supporter Registration page, where you'll want to select SJOG as your support group. You can search by name (St. John of God Catholic Church), Group ID (500043682) or zip code (94122). Once you've selected your search term, click "Search".

Step 3: The next page, click on the St. John of God link to add it.

Step 4: At the next screen, click either "Next" to complete your group selection and move on to card registration, or enter another name and click "Search" to add a second group (warning - the percentage the merchants give stays the same, so this cuts donations for each group in half):

Step 5: Now that you've selected a group, register yourself:

Step 6: Add any applicable frequent shopper card #s (note: you'll need the actual number, not just your phone number -- if you have a Safeway card but have been using your phone number for so long that you don't know the card number any longer, call Safeway at (877) 723-3929, wait through the brief recorded messages, then press 4, "All other issues," and you'll get to a live human being who will look up your card # for you).

Step 7: Add any credit or debit cards you want to enroll.

Step 8: Go forth and shop! You don't need to do anything else; eScrip, a VeriSign certified secure site, will track your qualifying purchase amounts, receive donations from the merchants, and once a month forward all donations to SJOG. They do take a small administrative fee for the work involved, but that's it; no membership fees for you or for SJOG, and if the church happens to not get any donations for a month, there's no administrative fee.

Two additional tips to help SJOG even more: First, if you're still in touch with former parishioners who would like to support SJOG, please let them know about this - eScrip is a national program, with at least a few local merchants signed up in almost every corner of the US, and any registered member can support any group, anywhere, no geographical restrictions. Second, if you're already doing a lot of your shopping online, be sure to check the eScrip Online Mall at -- websites from Amazon to Babies R Us to Dell, Home Depot, Modcloth, Old Navy, PetSmart, Scholastic, See's, Sephora and Southwest to Zale's, Zazzle and Zulily are willing to donate a percentage of your purchase as long as you go to them through the Online Mall and use a registered card.

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