Helpful Spiritual Resources During the Pandemic

Suggested by members of the St. John of God parish community

At the May 24 conference call among members of the St. John of God community, a reccomendation was made to set up a compendium of suggestions from members of the commuinity about ways they have found to maintain their spiritual lives in the absence of our ability during this pandemic to join together physically for the celebration of the Eucharist each Sunday at our chapel. Those who are members of the SJoG-news email group can send any suggestions they have as an email addressed to sjog-news@googlegroups.com. Those who are not a part of the email group can send any suggestion to sjogsf@sjog-net (and are also invited to join the sjog-news email group).

From: Paul
Links to the Pentecost Novena
Dan Schutte website
Novena - ncronline

From Carrie:

Link to the FaithND page, where you can click on a link to subscribe to the daily Gospel Reflection http://faith.nd.edu/s/1210/faith/start.aspx?gid=609&pgid=61

From Kathy:
Link to online Sunday and weekday masses at different times of day and eve: mass-online.org